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NIHR Clinical Research Network

Supports the delivery of clinical research studies in the NHS. The Patient and Public section of its website provides a range of resources that you can use to support a patient-centred research culture.

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INVOLVE is a national advisory group that supports greater public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research. INVOLVE is funded by and part of the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR to share knowledge and learning on public involvement in research.

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People in Research (an INVOLVE project)

A useful database that lists local and national research involvement organisations and groups. There are two broad areas these groups focus on: making patients, carers and the public aware of the research opportunities available to them and engaging the same groups in the design and review of clinical research studies.

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Trans-Humber Consumer Research Panel (CRP)

The Trans-Humber Consumer Research Panel (CRP) is a patient and public involvement (PPI) group made up of both healthcare professionals (e.g. nurses, scientists and managers) and lay-people (non-professionals) who are healthcare consumers; i.e. people who have had personal experience of various diseases (including cancer, diabetes and heart disease) either as a patient or a carer.

The CRP exists to increase consumer involvement in NHS medical research over a range of diseases in the local area and beyond.

Members take an active part in enhancing the quality of medical research, most often by giving advice to doctors and scientists about the readability of their patient information leaflets and consent forms (i.e. are they written in plain English?) and providing consumer representation on local steering committees and trial management groups. The CRP also arranges occasional training events, and mini seminars/conferences.

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Health Research Authority - PPI pages

The Health Research Authority (HRA) recently launched new patient and public pages on its website.

This area is for patients and members of the public looking for information on the research the HRA regulates and approves, taking part or getting involved in research and how the HRA involves the public in the work they do.

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