Our Vision

Wendy Mitchell our Research Champion says:

"When you’re given a diagnosis, whatever that condition might be, you might feel like your life is falling apart, feel worthless and of no use to anyone anymore. Participation in research can offer people hope for future generations, but more so, give them back that sense of being valued once again that any diagnosis can strip away from you. I have dementia, for which there is currently no cure, and without willing volunteers to test new theories there will continue to be no cure or knowledge of how best to live with dementia.Social and technological research is as equally important as clinical drug trials for any condition.

We have to normalise involvement in research, but to do this we must have the backing of all healthcare professionals and for them to talk about research would help make it normal. Promoting research doesn't have to eat into anyone's budget. The NHS can’t move forward without research and research can’t move forward without willing volunteers. We need hope and research gives us that hope. Without research we can't change the future!"   Wendy Mitchell (Research Champion)

And our Trust Research strategy says:

"We want ‘Partnership working with patients, service users, carers, families and groups representing them, to optimise participation in research’ and ‘More patients, service users, carers and families co-producing research each year".

You can download the strategy here